Why Do We Cry When We Watch Children of Men Movie?

Why Do We Cry When We Watch Children of Men Movie?

why do we watch free online movies and cry

When we watch certain free movies online like Children of Men (2006), is almost impossible to hold our tears. Doesn’t matter if they’re animated movies, romance movies, drama movies and even movies about real life events, they can always make us cry and that’s something inevitable. In the cinema or watching free movies online in your house, no one can hold tears when a movie is emotional, compelling or just powerful.

watching movies online and crying

Some investigations about this matter have come to the conclusion that up to 92% of people have cried in front of a movie screen. So, you can be more than happy to know that if you’ve ever cried watching Children of Men, you’re not the only one.

Even so, many people still think that crying when watching a movie is a sign of weakness. This is something even harder to men, who are predisposed to the saying “men don’t cry”. However, independently of the concepts, beliefs or convictions, we have to know that crying shouldn’t ever be considered a humiliation or something embarrassing, even so, crying is actually part of what makes us human.

We have to feel proud of our own tears, because there is much evidence about crying while watching a free movie is actually beneficial for us, and makes us more empathic, sociable, and generous.

Empathy is actually a vital part of our emotional intelligence, is a common ability among great leaders and successful people. In other words, if you’ve ever cried during a movie, you are very likely to be good at social interaction and an emotionally strong person.

Empathy Makes Us Better

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Many investigations have shown that watching fiction movies considerably enhance our empathy capabilities towards people. This has a lot of sense because really well-made fiction always makes us feel in the shoes of the main character, making us watch the world from a different perspective and even feel like our reality is much better than what we’re watching. From this, we are more likely to improve our open-mindedness, comprehension towards people and even more compassionate towards our social context and interactions.

This happens because of the way our brains our structured. Movies are designed to make an emotional impact on us, and almost every time they succeed in that matter. When we watch movies with a high emotional content, our brain frees oxytocin that works as a connector with other people, making us more empathic, kind, trustful and disinterested.
Oxytocin makes us feel more connect with the characters of a movie, increasing our empathy levels, altruism, and even our well-being. According to certain investigations, watching emotionally strong movies can change our entire brain design, making us act differently in a positive way.

Tears Make Us Have a Better Perspective

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Tears are a beautiful manifestation of potency and range of our emotions, when we watch full movies free, we produce some emotions of pain, sadness and even happiness that make us look for tissues when we’re watching a powerful scene like those in Children of Men.

We’re not supposed to deny our emotions or hide our feelings. Especially because of most of the time, crying is actually better than not crying, helpings us to relieve stress and cheering ourselves up. In fact, not crying has been proved to increase stress which has a negative impact on our physical and mental health.

Well, let’s just say that without tears we wouldn’t be able to see anything because they keep our eyes and eyelids lubricated. Tears bring vision, strength and even emotional help for our lives, in a figurative and literal way.

So, the next time you cry when you watch full movies online, don’t think that you are weak or anything, it actually means that you’re strong and you don’t have anything to hide. Feel free cry when you use sites like Megamovies.cc to watch movies online free Children of Men (2006) and you’ll see the benefits.