Children of Men Synopsis

Children of Men Synopsis


The story is set in the year 2027, where the past two decades have left mankind with infertility causing societies slowly to collapse. Women have become infertile and can no longer procreate and has been unable to do so for 18 years. In addition to this threat, the world’s youngest citizen Argentine Baby Diego (Juan Gabriel Yacuzzi) has died at the young age of 18 after being murdered by his fan when he refused to grant him an autograph making mankind mostly close to extinction. The news was watched on a coffee shop.

Most of the world’s societies have collapsed leaving Britain as the only functioning state. However, Britain instigated an unfair rule where all foreigners have been declared illegal immigrants and forcing them to be deported by the British army.

main-qimg-dca466b08cebd93aafb08b65e34ac6beThe film’s protagonist, Theo Faron (Clive Owen) was in the coffee shop when a bombing happened, an act attributed to a guerrilla group called “The Fishes”. After the commotion, Theo was captured by The Fishes the next day and is reunited with his former wife, Julian (Julianne Moore), who he haven’t seen for nearly 20 years after their son Dylan died of flu. She also happened to be the leader of the underground group. Since Theo has connections to the government through his cousin Nigel, Julian asked him to secure some papers for them to head to the southern coast of England. However, there was a condition that he should accompany the refugee they are meant for. And so Theo joins Julian’s group to get to England.

Along the way they were attacked by mobs killing Julian. They escaped then found themselves in a farm safe house where Kee (Clare-Hope Ashitey), a refugee, confesses to him that she is 8 months pregnant. Afraid that if the British government will know of the pregnancy, they will seize them and use the child for political means, so Kee stayed with the Fishes.

Kee gave birth to a girl and after all the chaos was brought to the ship called Tomorrow, a vessel owned by the Human Project, a group of scientists dedicated to restoring human fertility. With the chaos and all the running they have been through, Theo was severely injured after being shot losing consciousness just after he’s heard of the baby’s burp. The movie ended with the voices of children laughing.