Children of Men Movie: The Analysis

Children of Men Movie: The Analysis


The movie Children of Men is a tale of a society that is on the brink of extinction. It imagines a somewhat possible cause of human extinction and greatly suggests that it is really possible for humanity in all societies to have a dystopian future. This movie is indeed not your typical science fiction dystopia kind of movie.

children-of-menChildren of Men is somewhat a much darker version of our contemporary society. Cuaron made the scenario in the story and the movie in general looked like possible. Possible in the sense that it can really happen to humanity sooner or later. Cuaron noted that he didn’t want to be distracted by the future and doesn’t want the audience to be transported into another reality.

Although the film did not really succeed when it comes to the blockbusters arena, it did succeed to gain a lot of recognition by many award giving bodies because of its realism and outstanding work as a movie. The approach of the movie in both the story and the audience is unconventional. It allows the story to be depicted by the audience as something that could possibly their future. The audience are made to relate themselves to the characters to relate to their own circumstances. This made them connect with the movie in a much deeper and personal way.

The movie overall was made skillfully as it brings along the audience on a thrill ride and somewhat gives them a shock as they are left with eerie images of the world they are now living and the dark possibilities of the future. Overall, Cuaron did an amazing job as a director and have proven once again his place as a director and writer in the industry.

Is infertility more than just humanity’s nightmare?

Infertility is not really a new concept in science fiction movies and have been used to many films already some even about overpopulation. However in Children of Men, the story portrays a world suffering from genetic erasure as humankind has not seen a baby born for 18 years.

Infertility does not only means the absence of children or the inability to procreate, it could also be the absence of hop and sense of purpose that could lead anyone to give up when we do not have something to fight for.

In the movie, the cause of infertility was not really mentioned. So it does not really gave the audience the idea why it happened two decades from the present. However if we think of it, countries and Japan and Germany are already experiencing negative population growth. The reason for this cannot only be attributed to genetic disaster but can also come from different sources of how people live.

In reality, genetic disaster won’t happen overnight but perhaps would take a lot of years to happen With this, we will have more time to prepare and deal with the future problem. With the knowledge that we have today on how to give solutions to things, and with the minds that can predict future problems, we can only hope for to save humanity by then.