Children of Men Movie Insights

Children of Men Movie Insights


The action was both set from the book and the film in England, a few decades advanced in the future. The scenario was that an intense worldwide sterility hit mankind cutting its ability to procreate and has been unable to do so for a quarter of century. All other societies have crumbled except for Great Britain that remained as the only functioning state in the world.

clive_owen_children_of_men_imageThe story revolves around the character of Theo Faron, how he journeyed to survive the chaos that happened after the world’s youngest citizen has died at the young age of 18 after being murdered by his fan making mankind mostly close to extinction since it had been 18 years since a new human life was born. Britain being the only functioning state then decided to deport the immigrants. He then found himself drawn into a small group of guerrilla group lead by his ex-wife Julian who is trying to protect a refugee woman named Kee who has inexplicably become pregnant. Kee has become an asset to anyone who has her. The child however is likely to be used for the government’s own political agenda. The child was apparently the only solution to restore hope in mankind and so that Kee and her child needed to be brought to the Human Project ship “Tomorrow”. The Human Project is a group of scientists dedicated to search for the cure to restore mankind. Theo Found himself risking his life to save what seems like the only hope of humanity.

Saying the film is an adaptation of the book written by P.D James can be quite unfitting. What is basically similar between the book and the movie is that it is set in England and it is basically about the lead saving a woman who inexplicably become pregnant when it hasn’t been possible for women to become one in the last decades. What fits in the right description for Cuaron’s work is that he inspired himself from P.D Jame’s world and borrowed the settings and characters name of the story.

Kee’s character initially did not appear in the book. Cuarón added the character based on the recent single-origin hypothesis of human origins and the status of dispossessed people on the fact that humanity started in Africa. All the other incidents in the film where written by Cuaron with the help of other writers and with Clive Owen who plays Theo with his ideas on the characterization of the roles in the film.

The future pictured in Children of Men is more like of an extension of our own present time but was depicted more vibrantly. Just like today, the future was seen like what it’s like today however the progress in this future stopped and has peaked on a downward trajectory.

As the story progresses, the movie becomes a clear depiction of people still believing in hope to restore humanity. Even in the present with people slowly losing faith in humanity, other people are still looking for hope to restore it.