Children of Men Characters

Children of Men Characters


Children of Men is a 2006 British-American Science Fiction Thriller film bases on a 1992 novel “Children of Men” by P.D James. The screenplay was directed and co-written by Alfonso Cuarón and five other writers. Clive Owen, the actor who played the protagonist of the film also made some contributions to the film. This movie also stars Julianne Moore, Michael Caine, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Charlie Hunnam.

childThe film is co-produced by United Kingdom and United States and was released on September 2006 in UK and on Christmas Day of the same year in US. The critics of the film correlated a connection between the US Christmas opening and the film’s theme which is about hope, redemption, and the fight for freedom. Despite having a limited release and low earnings at the box office, Children of Men was able to receive recognition for its screenwriting, art direction, cinematography and its innovative single-shot action sequences techniques.

Children of Men received nominations and awards from different award giving bodies. It’s achievements were recognized by being nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Film-Editing and Best Cinematography in the Academy Awards. The film was also nominated for three Saturn Awards and was able to win the Best Science Fiction Film and was able to gather nominations for three BAFTA Awards bagging the Best Cinematography and Best Production Design.

Children of men is a film highly recommended by many film critics for people to watch. Renowned director Marc Webb included Children of Men among his list of Top 10 Greatest Films in 2012. Three years after, the film was named on top of the list of Top 10 Movies of All Time by the Pop Culture Philosopher.

Here are the list of the incredible actors and their characters which made the screenplay achieve its success:

THEO FARON (Played by Clive Owen)
Theo, the main protagonist of the film, is an apathetic and disillusioned former political activist who was devastated after losing his child during a flu epidemic years ago and got separated with his wife after their child’s death. Theo has already lost all hope to humanity until he became the unexpected savior and guardian of the mother of the last baby on earth, Kee, a refugee. The baby of Kee is the only remaining key to revive the lost hope of humanity.

After Clive Owen was cast in April 2005, he had met several times to collaborate with Cuarón and Sexton about his role on the film and impressed the writer and director with his insights which made them bring Owen on board for the writing of the film.

JASPER PALMER (Played by Michael Caine)
Jasper is a wise, benevolent, pot-smoking and an 1960’s activist old friend of Theo. Despite the dark future for humankind, Jasper remained a positive attitude in dealing things. Caine’s portrayal based his character on his experiences with his old friend John Lennon.

JULIAN TAYLOR (Played by Julianne Moore)
Julian was Theo’s ex-wife who he got separated with 20 years ago after their son  Dylan died from a flu epidemic. She also happens to be the tough and intelligent leader of the underground guerrilla group called, The Fishes. She reunited with Theo after their long-term separation and helped each other in the quest to bring back the fate in humanity.

According to Cuarón, Julianne Moore, was the perfect actor to portray Julian’s role. He initially wanted an actor who had the credibility of leadership, intelligence and independence– something that Moore has. 

KEE (Played by Claire- Hope Ashitey)
Kee is an illegal immigrant under the custody of the Fishes and the first pregnant woman in eighteen years. Kee bears the future of the whole human race in her making her a valuable asset to anyone who has her.

Kee’s character initially did not appear in the book but was a character added by Cuarón based on the recent single-origin hypothesis of human origins and the status of dispossessed people on the fact that humanity started in Africa.

LUKE (Played by Chitwetel Ejiofor)
Luke is the co-leader of the Fishes. He is the calculating and pragmatic right hand of Julian. Due to his hatred with the government who brands the Fishes as a terrorist group, he orchestrated an attack to kill Julian and planned to use Kee as a tool to gain support for the group’s revolution under his leadership.

MIRIAM (Played by Pam Ferris)
Miriam is one of the members of the Fishes and the midwife of Kee. Miriam was the one taking care of Kee and the strong comforter of Kee through out their journey to Tomorrow.